Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive

A practical and personal guide to surviving illness and injury, written from the perspective of a survivor.

In ‘Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive’, Ryan McGill provides a personal account of his experiences coping with illness and injury and an insight into the 12 critical lessons and techniques that he credits with saving his life.


What You'll Learn

In his guide Ryan shares his most essential illness & injury survival techniques, including;

Pain Management Strategies
Mental tools to minimise acute and chronic pain.
Getting through the hardest moments
How to endure the most testing moments of physical and mental discomfort.
Building Mental Strength
Learn techniques and tools to help build mental strength and resilience.

Guide Description

Having endured and overcome various periods of chronic illness and injury,  it was a remarkable incident that took place in 2012 that formed the catalyst for Ryan's personal transformation and ultimately the motivation to write this guide. Having been continually let down by the conventional medical system, Ryan felt compelled to share his experiences and the lessons and mental techniques that enabled him to cope and recover, from sufferer to survivor.  Ryan's story serves as a personal and practical guide to help all those people suffering without answers or without hope, and to hopefully make their experience a little easier. 


Guide Details

Title: Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive Author: Ryan McGill Genre:Non-Fiction Pages:20 Formats: eBook (ePub, mobi, PDF) Language: English Publisher: Ryan McGill Date Published:1 May 2017

First Person Account

A first person account of survival and advice written by a survivor, not a medical professional. Ryan's tale reveals his first hand experience coping with and overcoming illness and injury. Written by a survivor, for the benefit of other sufferers.

Simple & Practical Guidance

A detailed personal experience that has been delivered in the form of a simple step by step guide. Intended to serve as a seminal reference guide on effective coping strategies for anyone suffering at any stage of illness or injury.

Survivor's Secrets Revealed

An inspiring tale of survival that aims to share with other sufferers the most critical steps and secrets to building mental strength and successfully navigating their way back to recovery. An illness & injury "cheat sheet" that you can refer back to whenever needed.

The Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about Ryan's survivor guide. 

Briohny Rona - Melbourne

Wow. This is completely concise, honest, matter of fact and brilliantly positive. I believe it could be so helpful for so many people. It's a great length too.

Ryan Nance - Disability Support Worker and Advocate, Sydney

Excellent "I genuinely feel that the experiences, learnings, and guidance offered through this book are universal to the human experience, and will resonate with each reader in a unique way. I personally had a strong connection with a few of the writer's learnings, and these connections helped me to not only gain a deeper understanding of my own situation, but also instilled in me the confidence to continue a process of change that was necessary for my own mental health and wellbeing. I have shown this book to various clients and colleagues in the human services sector, and have consistently received similar responses. I'm almost certain in my belief that this book will resonate with every reader, and the shared learnings will play a key role in their own process of change."

Elysha Camden - Vancouver

Inspiring and remarkably helpful. Ryan's writing transcends his own personal experience to provide insightful and personal experience and wisdom to others. Whether one is at a point in their life trying to cope with the adversity of pain through an accident or illness or as a blueprint to provide touchstones in coping with physical or emotional pain his guide is an outstanding body of work told with reality, honesty and humour.

Alex Peterson - Wellington

A unique contribution to the health and wellness space. I was initially sceptical that I would be reading yet another generic self-help book, though I was genuinely suprised to the contrary. Ryan's guide effectively summarises a complex road map for navigating through hard times, without being at all preachy. Highly recommended.

About The Author

Hey there, I'm Ryan. I'm 32 years old, and live in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for visiting my website and purchasing the guide. Having spent various periods of time enduring and overcoming chronic illness or injury, I had long been frustrated by the failure of conventional medicine to provide answers, or any genuine help. After a strange and remarkable accident in 2012 involving a statue of Shiva I was thrown into an abyss of constant pain and suffering. On my 18-month journey back to recovery the lessons I learned along the way were so effective for me in coping with and overcoming my ailments that I felt compelled to share them with others.   

Ryan McGill

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Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive - eBook - ePub version (for iOS and e-readers)



Illness & Injury: 12 Things That Helped Me Survive - eBook - PDF version (for Personal Computers).

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